Monday, May 28, 2012

One-Sentence Stories

Oh man. I have written a lot of blogs in my head since the last one. Suffice it to say that I've been working reeeeeeally hard on a novel, reeeeeally hard at my Day Job, and reeeeeally hard on being a parent.

But I couldn't help getting excited about Alex's one-sentence story challenge. And every once in a while, by some freak of nature, Jake Kerr writes something worth reading. Jake's challenge was to write an epic fantasy story in one sentence. So I'd like to do the same for YA fantasy. Only I'm skeptical about the stuff.

Tommy Hopper And The Future

Given that he got the girl, killed the evil wizard, was first in all his classes, and won the Wizarding Football cup before he was eighteen, those who knew Tommy Hopper were shocked to find him a middle-aged accountant, reciting tax code in rich, sonorous tones as if it were the most potent of spells.


  1. The power of tax codes knows no bounds!

  2. It pains me to admit that I like this a lot.

    1. So Jack is Jake? Your shifting identity only convinces me of your evil.