Thursday, December 10, 2015

Clockwork of Sorrow & About The Bear

I have two new stories out!!!!!! THE EXCITEMENT!!!!!
The first is "About The Bear," a flash fiction at Podcastle, who also published The Child Support of Cromdor The Condemned.  Podcastle had an open call for stories about bears. Truthfully, they had a pun-tastic call for stories about bears. "Pawedcastle is seeking koality stories that will not be polarizing."
I love that sort of stuff.
I wrote the story in about an hour. It was a simple matter of mating a true story, about a friend who wrestled a bear (not kidding) with a fantasy world I have been working in for several stories and a novel.
The reader absolutely slays it. And you get to hear four other fantastic bear-themed stories, plus my pun-tastic list of previous credits. I've been published at The Magazine of Furtasy & Science Furtion, Urson Scott Card's Intergrowlactic Medicine Show, etc...
Um. You get it. Bear pun.
Clockwork of Sorrow was written entirely for the great anthology Ghost In The Cogs from Broken Eye Books. This was a fun prompt: steampunk ghost stories. I was really happy to be part of Broken Eye, which puts out wonderfully creepy books with amazing covers. Look at that cover! Holy crap dudes!
This story ties into my novel The Great Faerie Strike, and takes place in the same world. The novel is still being shopped around, but you can get a glimmer of how the world works in this piece.

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