Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome To The Dawn of a New Era!

This is my new blog. My old blog at http:kikiandsquishy.com/spencer/blog was phased out by Blogger in a witch-hunt against FTP blogs. EDIT: Actually, it wasn't, but I want to use this one still as it is more user-friendly. If you want old Spencer posts, you can go there.

If you prefer livejournal, I post the same things over at spencimusprime.livejournal.com.

It's okay. I wanted to be like everyone else anyway.

So what does "Smurgle, all ye Wattabups" mean? It's actually an ancient call to prayer that has been translated, alternately, as "God is in the washing machine. Let's get him out" and "Give me some cookies."

My kid Adia features prominently in this blog. Last night she had a dream that "Prince wanted to dance with me.'

"But I said 'wait a minute.'"


  1. Adia you don't have to be rich to be his girl