Friday, July 2, 2010

Sam(wise?) German Ellsworth

I started on Tuesday to write a blog post about how the baby was eight days overdue. It was snarkily called "Honey, BP Called And They Want Your Cervix To Plug The Oil Spill."

As of 8:00 that night, Chrissy proved that blog post unnecessary. After a small intervention by the midwives to help open said cervix, five hours of intense labor produced a nine-pound boy at 8 PM. True to his hobbit namesake, he proceeded to have two dinners, four midnight snacks, and three breakfasts.

Adia is much happier about having a brother than we thought. She wanted a sister and she was also afraid of getting replaced. But she is fascinated with Sam and constantly wants to hold him.

We are still waffling on whether or not to go all the way and name him Samwise. I love the idea of a special name no one else has that is based on a noble little hobbit. On the other hand, his teacher will read it aloud on the first day of school and somebody just might say "stupid fat hobbit!"

Of course, that would make said tormentor a schizophrenic fish-eating jewelry-addicted goblin.

What do you guys think? To Wise or not to Wise?


  1. I say stick with it. It's a cool name, and giving kids just a nickname as a full name always sounds weird. Only Gollum called him that, and Gollum is a villain. If some kid calls him that, tell SamWISE to say "You don't have any friends; nobody likes youuuu!" in his creepy Gollum voice.

  2. wise all the way. i like different names and why not? you love it. do it.

    who cares what everyone else thinks!

  3. I kinda like Samuel Ellsworth and have him go by Sam, or Sammy/ie. Dunno about the hobbit thing Spenc. What does Chrissy think of it?

  4. I think we have the same worries, though she thinks it will also be nice to be the hobbit of his generation in a sea of Edwards and Jacobs.

  5. Well, I wouldn't say that no one else has it since Hudson does. I also haven't actually heard of anyone naming their boys Edward recently. However, the Bellas are everywhere. So, whatever you do, don't name him Bella.

  6. Hudson does have Samwise for a middle name, and that is cool. I like the special Hanour middle name, but we didn't do it with Adia so it makes it harder to do two middle names with Sam, since he has to have the German.