Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Young Ward in Short Pants

Adia has discovered superheroes. I left some comics lying around, and she thumbed through them. Rather than being a "Mermaid Madeleine Princess" for Halloween, she wants to be a "Mermaid Madeleine Wonder Woman." Yesterday I got home from my daily run she met me at the top of the stairs.

"I'm Evil Batman and Mom is Wonder Woman."

"Cool," I said, expecting to be promptly informed that I was Superman or Good Batman or some complimentary hero.

"You're Evil Batman too. And we punch each other. Pyew Pyew Pyew!"

The last is meant to represent laser-gun noises. I have never been prouder of her than I am right now.

I was holding Sam later that day when she came in, still pyew-pyewing me. "Is Sam Robin?" I asked. Sam promptly cooed a cute little coo like he does. "Who is Robin?" Adia asked. "Batman's friend," I said.

Adia hugged Sam and kissed him. "Batman gives Robin lots of hugs and kisses because he loves him."


  1. My favorite part is that she chose to be the bad guy.

  2. OK, this is so cute I threw up a little on my keyboard. Spencer, all I can say is that whatever you are doing, you're doing it right....

    (This is Peter from VP14, BTW)

  3. Yay! He vomited on his keyboard! Because of me! That usually only happens when I post naked photos on the Internet.