Thursday, April 5, 2012

NorWesCon Schedule

I know I never post anything! I have an update in the works. I did make it in me and Seamus's competition last month, so no dancing... well, maybe. See upcoming announcement. But for now my Norwescon schedule:

Friday 5 pm Cascade 11
DC Comics: The New 52
Matt Youngmark, avid comic critic and creator of the Chooseomatic book series, will give a slide show presentation of all the changes taking place in the world of Batman, Superman, and all the rest.
Matt Youngmark (M), Spencer Ellsworth, Kate Merriwether Lynch, Nathan Crowder

Friday 9 pm Cascade 3&4
Writer Beware
How to tell if you’re being scammed or not when trying to get published? Sites such as SFWA’s, can help you with determining valid publishers, agents, etc. The idea of this business is money comes to the author, not the other way around. Learn when to RUN, not walk away, when people ask you for money to get you published.
Mary Rosenblum (M), Lizzy Shannon, Spencer Ellsworth, Keffy R. M. Kehrli

Friday 10 pm Cascade 1
Spencer Ellsworth reads TBD
TBD Rated PG
Spencer Ellsworth

This reading will be off the hook, people. There will be more than just reading--there will be SINGING.

Saturday 10 pm Cascade 6
From Magneto to Lex Luthor
What makes a great villain? Whom do you love to hate? What are some obvious weaknesses of famous villains that heroes never seem to take advantage of? Who are the worst villains in comics history?
Ashley “nerdtastic” Cook (M), Clinton J. Boomer, Morgue Anne, Spencer Ellsworth, Matt Youngmark

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