Sunday, April 13, 2014

My NorWesCon schedule

I'm sorry for neglecting you, blog! I will show you some love. For now, my Norwescon schedule:

Fantasy in Comics
Fri 1PM - 2PM Cascade 5
Comics have great potential for fantasy as a visual medium. Fantasy comics range from traditional fantasy like Prince Valiant to the more unique Bone, and reinterpretations like Fables and Conan. Here's a look at some of the great work that has been done and what's being published currently, from comics to graphic novels, and how fantasy comics have evolved over time. 
Jeff Grubb (M), Clinton J. Boomer, Spencer Ellsworth, Duane Wilkins

Comics and Cultural Appropriation 
Fri 3-4 PM Cascade 5
How accurate are comics are portraying different cultures? Does the medium limit or enhance an artist's or writer's ability to genuinely show other races and cultures? Our panelists will discuss how comics such as Habibi and Scalped represent other cultures and how comics can pay homage to other cultures without marginalizing them. 
Dennis R. Upkins (M), Clinton J. Boomer, Spencer Ellsworth, G. Willow Wilson

Lies My Writing Teacher Told Me
Fri 5-6 PM Cascade 2
Much of what we think we know about publishing is wrong--or rather, it's not true anymore. This panel aims to dispel common myths and radically update everyone's understanding of etiquette, norms, and plausible paths to success in this fast-changing industry. 
Dean Wells (M), Susan DeFreitas, Spencer Ellsworth, Diana Pharaoh Francis

The New Big Two
Fri 6-7 Cascade 2
How has DC's treatment of creators affected their business and fans? What does Disney have in store for Marvel comics? Hear our panelists discuss upcoming news on the biggest publishers in American comics. 
Ashley Cook (M), Spencer Ellsworth

Comics for Young Adults and Teens
Sat 11-12 AM/PM Cascade 6
Our panelists will discuss a range of comics that are age-appropriate for a younger audience, including graphic novels like Bone as well as popular titles like Adventure Time. 
Spencer Ellsworth (M), Lola Watson, G. Willow Wilson

Reading: Spencer Ellsworth
Sat 7 PM- 7:30 PM Cascade 1
Something new! Rated PG
Spencer Ellsworth

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