Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Truth Is Revealed

I used to tutor an eleven-year old with Asperger's who was also named Spencer.

We had a language called Spenzish.

Smurgle all ye wattabups meant "give me a cookie."

There. I have no more secrets.


  1. All my fault. But for what it is worth, I had this stuck in my head for three solid days.

    *watching tv*
    Brain, "Smurgle all ye watta bups?"

    Brain, "Smurgle all ye watta bups?"

    *trying to edit*
    Brain, "Smurgle all ye watta bups?"

    *brushing my teeth*
    Brain, "Smurgle all ye watta bups?"



  2. What? No. Sorry, no. I had decided this was a command, to be given from the top of a mountain during a storm in a booming voice to a mass of puny humans below.
    You will not wreck my ideals.

    1. Who says Moses can't order the Israelites below to get him a cookie? He was up on that mountain for forty days!